Equipment Rentals

Our rental department can take care of all your needs from, general PA systems, microphones, speakers, subwoofers, in ear monitors, to complete line array systems, stage lights, genie lifts, chain hoists, video projectors, staging, and truss!

Pro Audio Equipment

PA system / Speakers

d&b Audiotechnik V8 Series Line Array
d&b Audiotechnik C7 Series Point Source
d&b Audiotechnik E12 Monitors
d&b Audiotechnik E0 Series compact fill
McCauley EA Series Flyable Array 24 qty – (12 tops / 12 subs)
EV – Xw12 / Xw15 Series monitors 
QSC – K8 self powered speakers 

DJ Equipment

Pioneer DJM Nexus 900SLT mixer
Pioneer CDJ 2000NXS2 CD players


d&b Arraycalc + R1
McCauley M408 /M306
BSS Omnidrive DSP


Nuemann KM 184 (matched set)
Shure –  Beta 87A / Beta 91A / Beta 57 / Beta 58 / Beta 52 / SM58 / SM57 / SM81 
Audix – OM5 / OM6 / OM7  / D6 
EV – N/D967, PL35
Sennheiser – E604 / MD 421 II / e945 / 904 / 609

In-Ear Monitors

Sennheiser – EW300 G3 with antenna combiner (4 piece kit)


Avid – Digidesign SC48 CH
Midas M32
Presonus Studio Live 16:0:2
48 CH. Allen Heath GL3800  
MixWizard 16:2 

Wireless Mics

SHURE – UR4+ w/ sm58 / beta 58 with combiner
Sennheiser – EW G3 135

Stage Support

48 Ch Wireworks snake w/ split/lifts/transformers, Whirlwind sub-snakes, Clear-com communications, 320 AMP 3 Phase Distro and feeder, K&M Mic Stands, Atlas Mic Stands, Countryman DI’s. Radial DI’s 

Video Equipment

Video Projector Equipment 

2 qty – Panasonic 6K lumen projectors
1 qty – 3K Video projector (HDMI)
2 qty – 12ft x 9ft Da-lite Fastfold screens with full dress kits
3 qty – Da-lite boardroom screens

Video Camera Rental

Sony PXW X70 high resolution camera



Our Econoline 2424 is a large outdoor stage rated to withstand the elements! The dimensions of this stage are 24 foot wide by 24 foot deep and the stage height is 40″. If you need a shade roof for your artists to protect them from the sun or rain this is your best, moist affordable choice for any special event.


We have mobile stages for indoors or outdoors. Each stage “riser” or platform makes up a small or large stage. Our current inventory is ten, 4 foot by 8 foot platforms that include full skirting and a set of stairs.

Special effects / Props / Deco

We are always building new props!  Let us make your event production special with a custom build!

In need of foam machines for your Foam Party? We have three of the highest output machines by CITC (foam domes)!

Stage Lighting

Current Moving Light Inventory

10 qty – 230 Beam / Wash 

12 qty – LED Zoom / Spot / Wash

6 qty – Elation ZCL 360 Spot / Wash


Pars / Strobes/ Lasers  Inventory

12 qty – Blizzard Hex Pars

8 qty – Proline Pars

10 qty – Chauvet BT LED bars

6 qty – 200 watt LED strobes

6 qty – Blinders

4 qty – LEKO 200 watt 3200K ellipsoidal stage lights

2 qty – Follow spots

2 qty – 2 Watt RGB with pangolin Lasers