Professional Sound Services

With top of the line professional sound equipment along we our client oriented drive, we can accomodate any ecent. Whether you need a small PA system with a capable engineer for a band at a wedding, or for a show with 10,000 concert goers, we have you covered!  


Here at Lite Brite we have a huge array of lighting equipment for your event. Whether you know exactly what you want or only have a general idea, we can make sure to create lighint set ups to fit your needs.

Video Mapping

Video Mapping creates an augmented reality experience directly on your stage. These scenes can be mind boggling shapes, structures, or different environments. Video mapping is sure to make your event a crowd pleaser. 


Add large front or rear projection screens to your next event for a huge impart! IMAG is used in all types of events from concerts, corporate events, and auctions when the audience is far away from the presenter or artists. An IMAG system will bring the action up close and personal to your audience thus making their experience a better one! We can provide a camera operator using a quality, low light, HD camera mounted to a professional high grade fluid head tripod with excellent results!

Stage Effects & Props

Have an idea for some props or stage effects you would like, or do you need a themed stage? Here at Lite Brite we can build almost any stage prop you can think of to help create an aesthetically pleasing environment at your event.